Boondock Rustics Introduction Video

A custom furniture company overview video.

What's Special About This Business Introduction Video:

Just like your business, any digital element that you incorporate into your advertising and marketing efforts needs to be unique and specific to your brand persona.

1. It’s about the customer, not about the company.

Their prospects don’t want to watch a video in which they just talk about their company.  Chances are, they want to know what Boondock Rustics can do for them.

2. It finds a need and shows how they can meet it.

Customers probably aren’t just cruising the internet looking for entertainment.   In this instance, they are looking for a particular product and Boondock Rustics’ Introduction Video demonstrates what they handcraft to help them find it.

3. It has a clear call to action.  

Instead of making your call to action message something like “Shop now” or “Call us now”, this video has one that is less aggressive for the customer.

The introduction sells without trying to sell. It calls them to, “Let us help create your story.”  This is more likely to convert into customers by not being too pushy with making a sale right from the start.

Let’s Create Your Company's Introduction Video Now!

BlakSheep Creative is your go to agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to create an introduction video for your company or brand.  Let the world know what your business is all about, and what sets you apart.  Leverage digital media to showcase your brand and increase sales and 

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