A book release promo video


Why does an author need a book promo video?

There are lots of reasons why video should be an essential tool in an author’s book promotion toolbox. Video generates the most online traffic and engagement, 78% of people watch online video each week, studies show people recall 6 times more info from video than text, and our brains process imagery 60,000 times faster than text. Need I say more? Humans are wired for video. So why not take advantage of that?

What can a book promo video do for you?

Of course, the dream is for your book promo video to go viral and sell millions of copies, but let’s talk about what’s actually in your control: It’s to build credibility for your platform as a writer and for your body of work. A professional book video shows that you are taking your work seriously and that you are a good storyteller across mediums. A great video can also capture the attention of top influencers and media who might otherwise not look at a synopsis or pitch, but will check out a 90-second video. Video also expands your exposure to video-driven sites. And lastly, what better tool could there be to show Hollywood that your book would make a great movie?


What makes this book promo video special?

Good Book Promo Videos Have:
  • Good writing
  • Professional execution
  • A High production value (not to be confused with a high budget.)
  • A knack for teasing the audience without giving too much away
  • The “Show, don’t tell” principle
  • An Introduction to the concept or an angle of the book
  • You wanting to know more

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