An awesome tattoo flyer  for cover band Dirty Blonde

Just like the best tattoo artists prefer to create custom pieces of art, good designers don’t lean on templates. This tattoo flyer is completely custom, and you can tell!
Let’s think of a tattoo flyer in tattoo terms, shall we?

Anyone familiar with tattoos knows what tattoo flash is. But if you don’t know, it’s that artwork in a binder or on the walls at a shop. You know, its those barbed wire and dolphin pictures you see and (for some reason,) decide to get it.

Do you want the same tattoo flyer that everyone else has?

Templates and “free,” online designers are the graphic designer’s equivalent of tattoo flash.Sure there are pros and cons of custom tattoo design vs. tattoo flash. But you work hard to market your band or shop. Shouldn’t your tattoo flyer represent you as an artist?

This Custom Tattoo Flyer was a blast to create!

We started with an image of a lady bearing her midriff that we downloaded from Shutterstock. We carefully added Dirty Blonde’s logo and, utilizing filters and masks in Adobe Photoshop, made it appear as it was a tattoo. Get it? Tattoo Flyer / Logo Tattoo?
We put in event details using bold typefaces with colors that pop, and voila! An unforgettable tattoo flyer for an unforgettable band!


Let’s Create Your Tattoo Flyer Now!

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