A graphic design company logo sting

An Experimental Graphic Design Company Logo Sting.

Practice makes perfect, so the only way you’ll get better is by practicing your craft. That means constantly stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new things, using new tools or even taking on new forms of work. Don’t become complacent in your field — learn to switch it up so that you’re not limiting your talents and growth.

Early on, you’ll feel at times like you’re not qualified to do a certain project or complete certain work. It’s natural, but don’t let it stop you. You don’t have to be an expert to succeed as a creative because talent and skill can carry you just as far. Learn to experiment and try new things and don’t limit yourself by thinking you can’t do something or don’t have the knowledge. Many of the things you’ll learn in a creative field take some figuring out and hands-on time.

This Logo Sting was one of the first endeavors that we took into Adobe After Effects.

After Effects is our go-to program when creating motion graphics.  There is a slight bit of a learning curve, so we experimented by crafting motion graphics for ourselves before offering motion graphics services to our clients.

This logo sting, was short and sweet.  The BlakSheep Creative Logo was animated in on a black screen.  No fancy motion, no fancy flashes, bokehs, or particles.  Just a simple logo sting perfect for a website or youtube channel.

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BlakSheep Creative is your go to agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to create videos and motion graphics that convert, resulting in more awareness and sales for your brand, nonprofit, or company.

BlakSheep Creative proudly serves Denham Springs, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Hammond, New Orleans, and all points in between.  Get in touch with us and lets discuss your project now.

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