A Fire Logo Reveal

Branding is important in every aspect of production, and the right logo reveal can really enhance your project and keep reminding your audience who you are until that association is firmly made.

This particular reveal was created for Boondock Rustics, a custom wood furniture company in Louisiana. The client wanted a fire-themed reveal, so we created one for them!

This logo reveal was really cut and dry. Clocking in at a whopping 15 seconds, it grabs the viewers’ attention and keeps it long enough to catch Boondocks’ website address for them to visit.

Sometimes the most effective motion design comes from the simplest execution.

In a time when many logo animations and reveals aim to be bombastic, it’s refreshing when motion designers opt for polished simplicity.  But simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy — the best designs often require a honed vision and execution to make ‘simple’ exciting.  We offer affordable animated logo reveals  that excel with restraint.

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Boondock Rustics Fire Logo Reveal

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