Southern Grain Millworks Cabinet Company Website Development

A beautiful and functional website for an custom home cabinet company

Quality Web Design to Match Their Quality Handiwork

Shortly after opening their doors, the owners of Southern Grain Millworks decided that they needed a stunning, unique website to showcase their creations. This cabinet company creates custom, hand-built cabinetry and furniture, so their website needed to match. Because we developed the site for Boondock Rustics , which is one of their sister companies, we were chosen to create this website as well.

The Need

Southern Grain Millworks needed a website to show off their custom cabinet creations, as well as offer contact information for prospective customers to get in touch with them. Because each of their cabinet and millworks products is custom-made, there was no need for E-Commerce Functionality.

The Plan

This cabinet company website was created to be simple. Their products do all of the talking! All this website needed to be was the platform for them to speak.

The Site

Simply put, this site is Images and Buttons. The images show off their work. The buttons give viewers chances to contact Southern Grain for quotes, information, etc.

southern grain millworks custom cabinetry website 1

Let’s Create Your Cabinet Company's Website Now

BlakSheep Creative is your go to agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to create affordable and functional websites for your custom cabinet company, or any construction oriented business.  Show off your creations and handiwork and create an awesome online presence, resulting in more sales.

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