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January 28, 2020

Check out this snake logo we created for a local corn snake breeder in New Orleans, LA. It turned out awesome!


NOLA Reptiles

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nola reptiles snake breeder logo design denham springs
nola reptiles snake breeder logo design denham springs

First some background:  NOLA Reptiles is a snake breeder who only produce Corn Snakes.

They approached us to create them a new logo, and, this logo really pushes the envelope.

NOLA Reptiles sent us an image of one of their actual snakes and wanted to incorporate it into the logo. 

Although we were hesitant at first, we went for it!

We took the snake image, digitalized it and then placed it among the awesome typography we created, all done in Adobe Illustrator. 

The end result is an awesome snake logo (it has an actual snake, not some vector clipart.)

Be sure to check out some of our other logo designs, we don’t just do reptile-themed logos!

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