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Liberty Church BR Launch Recap Video

An Event Recap video for a local church plant

Photos are powerful. Audio can be moving. But video is compelling.

It is this collision of audio, visuals and emotion all in one package. Short videos are making all the viral rounds and are being encouraged by tools like Facebook and Instagram

Many churches, including my own, create many different types of media that range from promo news pieces, sermon illustrations, personal testimony interviews, event highlight reels, branding animations, teaching videos, comic sketches etc.

All of these pieces are great as long as they meet a need in your church. Just remember that great films tell a story!

Liberty Church BR wanted a recap video for their launch weekend that they had worked so hard for.

This was the day that this church was born (well not technically, as they existed long before this wonderful day.). They wanted to share with the world the joy of the launch day utilizing video captures and image captures taken by the church.

The result was a compelling video that shared their launch weekend well.

Having worked with Liberty Church BR on several other projects such as their website, we already knew their persona, style, and audience.

Let’s Create Your Church's Event Recap Video Now

BlakSheep Creative is your go to agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to create event recap videos for your church or nonprofit.  Use these videos to reflect back on important and memorable events, or create videos to promote upcoming events.

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Liberty Church BR Launch Event Video

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