Hydro Clean Soft Washing Website Redesign

November 26, 2021

Hydro Clean Soft Washing needed help with their website, which was out of date and difficult to use. BlakSheep Creative redesigned the site to be user-friendly while improving ranking on search engines like Google. The new design also offers a professional look that reflects the brand's current branding.


Hydro Clean Soft Washing

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When Hydro Clean Soft Washing wanted to redesign their website and increase their search engine rankings, they called BlakSheep Creative.

Hydro Clean wanted its website to be easy to use and user-friendly while bringing in the highest number of customers possible through increased visibility on search engines like Google.

The website would need an intuitive design, a clean layout, easy-to-use navigation, and an online booking form for customers. Hydro Clean Soft Washing website would also need to be mobile-friendly.

The Project

hydro clean soft washing website redesign project mobile responsive

We took on the project of website redesigning with enthusiasm and commitment to meeting Hydro Clean’s expectations for high customer satisfaction.

BlakSheep worked closely with Hydro Clean to design a website that would increase website traffic and boost website conversions and website sales.

The resulting website is an online representation of the Hydro Clean brand, which means that website design and website development were crucial to how customers view their company and its services.

BlakSheep wanted Hydro Clean website visitors to browse the website with ease, making interaction on-site easy and enjoyable for them.

Fast Loading

To keep the website lean and fast-loading, we sized each photo to the container in which they were being served. This kept the page size as thin as possible and ensured that website visitors would stick around to view the page’s content and not bounce off to the competition.

hydro clean website redesign speed test gtmetrix

Not only do a website’s visitors love fast-loading web pages, but search engines also rank website pages higher for faster page load times. The website design and website development team at BlakSheep always keeps website speed and website optimization in mind.


Hydro Clean Soft Washing website visitors can now book an appointment with Hydro Clean directly from their website’s home page.

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