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September 14, 2022


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fit blendz website redesign project

Fit Blendz Nutritional Cafe is known for its healthy food and drinks, and they are now introducing a redesigned website that reflects its commitment to providing customers with nutritious options.

Keep reading to learn about the goals of the website redesign, the site’s new features, and how the overall tone and style of the website have changed.

The Project

When the Fit Blendz team approached us about redesigning their website, they had one main goal in mind: to show customers that healthy food can be delicious and nutritious.

They also wanted to provide more information about the nutritional content of each menu item, as well as tips and recipes for living a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, as they open new stores, they wanted the ability to showcase the location and contact information on the website.

The Tone and Style

The old Fit Blendz website was slow, bland, and didn’t properly reflect the brand. The new website is modern and sleek, showcasing the healthy food and drinks that Fit Blendz is known for.

fit blendz website redesign project highlight of their food
fit blendz website redesign project highlight of their food

We featured beautiful photos of the food and drinks and the nutritional information for each menu item. The site also will include a blog where customers can learn more about healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle.

SEO Benefits of a Blog

Once we explained the benefits of having a blog on their website, the team at Fit Blendz was eager to get started. They realized the importance of a regularly updated website in order to improve their SEO ranking and provide value to their site’s visitors.

The blog will also give them the ability to showcase their knowledge and expertise when it comes to healthy living, which will help build trust with potential customers.

Target Audience

The Fit Blendz website’s target audience is health-conscious individuals looking for delicious and nutritious meals. As such, the website needed to be easy to navigate and understand, with clear calls to action that would encourage visitors to learn more about the Fit Blendz brand.

We also wanted to ensure that the website would be mobile-friendly, as more and more people are using their phones and tablets to search for information online.

The Results

The new Fit Blendz website is now live, and the team is delighted with the results. The site is modern and sleek, with beautiful photos and clear calls to action.

One thing became certain through this process — your website’s hosting server is critical to your site’s success.

Initially, the site was to be hosted on a different server (not ours) that produced a 15+ second load time. Because we build our sites optimized for speed and the code is as lean as possible, we knew that it couldn’t be our code.

slow loading times on tierra for fitblendz website design per gtmetrix
slow loading times on tierra for fitblendz website design per gtmetrix

We A/B tested the website against an exact duplicate on our server and learned that it was, indeed, the server.

We moved the site to our server and the load time is now less than 2 seconds.

fast loading times for fitblendz website on wpengine
fast loading times for fitblendz website on wpengine

That’s an incredible difference that will have a direct impact on the success of the website.

If you have a slow website, we urge you to contact us so we can help you improve your site’s performance.

If you’re looking for a web design and development team that can help you create a beautiful and professional website, BlakSheep Creative is a perfect choice. We specialize in creating high-quality websites that load quickly and look great on all devices.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and see how we can help you achieve crush your online goals.

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