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Dirty Blonde Cover Band Electronic Press Kit

Get your band booked with an awesome EPK.

Dirty Blonde is a true-to-the-album cover band that plays all over in South Louisiana.  Fronted by Vocalist Lee Alpha, their music and live show are nothing short of spectacular.  

Their Electronic Press Kit (EPK) had to represent them well, and be nothing short of spectacular itself!

Ideas for an Electronic Press Kit:

1. Use Imagery

It may be superficial but there’s a reason for the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

If a promoter wants to book let’s say a singer/songwriter, the picture has to tell him he’s on the right track.

Did you know that probably every music genre has its own imagery? Just look at some of the big artists from your genre. That can be a good way to choose your perfect application photo.

2. Get in their head, but not on their nerves

Hits upfront. Always!

You only have a few seconds to win them over with your music. Booking agents just keep skipping and scrolling through your tracks and want something that’s gonna catch their attention.

If there’s nothing electrifying in there, there goes the gig. You made it if a song gets stuck in their ear. So get out those catchy tunes and at best you cut away long intros etc. The hook’s a blast? Perfect, then start with it.

4. Keep the EPK simple, stupid!

It’s totally understandable that you like to talk about your own project or band but the first impression is a matter of seconds.

Of course it’s nice to hear that the band members know each other from playing together in the sandbox in kindergarten but what does that tell about your music or your performance?

Be catchy with your self-description. Don’t forget that promoters aren’t always fans. Long novels are for fans, a crisp intro about you is for promoters or booking agents. Cut to the chase.

Be relevant. Be interesting!

5. Me & my fans

Socials as a fan radar – your fans and followers from FacebookTwitterInstagram & co. are mirroring your fame, which doesn’t leave promoters cold.

Lastly he wants to fill his venue by booking you. If you have 300 fans in Berlin for example, it’s another strong argument to convince a promoter of a club with a capacity of 100 people.

You have a lot of fans on Facebook? Show it in your EPK.

Promoters are in fact interested in that stuff!

To check your EPK in the end, you should switch perspectives. Get in the role of being the promoter for once, look at the bands’ profile and ask yourself whether you’d book that band or not.

This role swap eases the critical reflection about your EPK a lot.

Let’s Create Your Band's Electronic Press Kit Now!

BlakSheep Creative is your go to agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to create electronic press kits to showcase your band and its’ music to gain more bookings and increase your fanbase.

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