Boondock Rustics Logo Sting

August 22, 2019

Use a logo sting video to make your company name stick in the potential client/investor/customer’s mind. Showcase your brand on your social media channels, television, or even a Youtube channel and increase sales!


Boondock Rustics

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boondock rustics logo sting video screenshot

The Idea for this Logo Sting:

This project was a bit of a rush job.

Because Boondock Rustics’ business was growing rapidly they wanted us to create a logo sting that was perfect for their Youtube cover video.

As a result, we brainstormed for the solution to their needs and created this awesome sting.

This video relays the brand’s mission.

Because Boondock Rustics is a custom furniture and cabinet company, the sting for their logo had to be just like their creations – an incredible work of art.

Furthermore, their designs are not only practical and functional, they’re individually hand-crafted.

Each piece is a work of art.

The client wanted something that they alternate with the architectural logo sting that we had previously crafted.

These logo stings are perfect for a Facebook cover video, Instagram video, youtube intro video, or any other use where an attention-grabbing video is needed!

Let’s Create Your Company’s Logo Sting Now

BlakSheep Creative is your go-to agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to create logo sting videos for your business to use on social media, Youtube, Vimeo, and any other social media outlet to boost your brand recognition and, ultimately, sales.

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