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Afya Foundation 10th Anniversary Celebration Event Video

A 10th anniversary celebration video for a global nonprofit

The Idea for this Nonprofit Promo Video:

Afya Foundation, “provides an environmentally-sensitive, community-oriented solution to help address the critical shortage of medical supplies in underserved communities around the world.”

To celebrate their 10th Anniversary, they launched a year-long campaign to raise $500,000.

In addition to web development for this campaign, Afya had us create a nonprofit video to tell the organization’s history.

Sure, they could have utilized on of the various DIY online video creators, however those tend to result in “cookie cutter,” and lackluster videos.

When your campaign is to raise $500,000, the only option is to have a professional nonprofit video created from scratch.

The End Result:

This nonprofit video gives insight into the organization’s campaign, their mission, and their history.

But more importantly, it does a great job of inspiring supporters to be a catalyst for global change.

In creating this nonprofit video, we wanted to invoke a “safari,” feel, as Afya does a LOT of work in Africa and surrounding areas:

We chose a color palette to match the client’s existing logo and the Afya Foundation Website, which featured Orange: #d58317 as the primary color.

Because we needed the text to make a strong statement, we chose the Aachen font family.

“Colin Brignall designed Aachen font for Letraset in 1969, intending it mainly as a title font. Its strong, concise image makes it particularly good for text which should stand out.”

The images sent from the client were smaller in resolution so we had to work them in Photoshop.

We sharpened, added filters, and made some overall adjustments.

All of the animation elements were created in Adobe After Effects.

We added a background audio track entitled, “Inspire Emotional Africa Jungle,” from

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