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Dental Marketing Denham Springs, LA

Dentists in Denham Springs, LA, are faced with many challenges when it comes to marketing their dental services.

There is an abundance of dental care companies in the market, and many struggle to stand out from their competition. We offer a wide range of marketing solutions that will help your business get noticed by more potential patients and increase profits!

Providing Dental Practices With the Best Digital Marketing for Two Decades

We can provide you with:

  • A customized website just for your practice (available 24/7, 365)
  • SEO optimized webpages that will rank higher on search engine results pages so people can find you easier
  • Social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – that you can update at any time
  • Regular mailings to your patient database
  • Ads in dental publications and online ads on sites like Facebook Marketplace.
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Dental Care Office Marketing Experts

Our dental marketing services help you stand out from the crowd, including custom sites and social media pages that will rank higher on Google.

All of our service solutions are geared towards helping you get more people into your practice! From website design to SEO optimization, we have got it all covered. Contact us today to learn more about what our team can do, or click below to request a quote now!

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Dental Marketing FAQ

We offer a variety of services to help you acquire new dental patients in Denham Springs. One way is through targeted online advertising, like Facebook Marketplace ads or Google AdWords, for example.

Absolutely! We have years of experience in digital marketing, and we know that works when it comes to dental practices. It’s the most effective way to advertise your business online, reach more potential patients, and get them into your practice for a consultation.

A dentist’s digital marketing strategy can focus on lead generation or increased traffic to the website. One thing to keep in mind is that many dentists overlook their online presence these days, but it’s something you’ll want to think about! It doesn’t matter if your practice is located near Denham Springs or Baton Rouge – we offer services to help you:

  • increase number of patients per month
  • improve retention of existing patients
  • make your dental practice more profitable.

There are many options for advertising your dental practice, but it’s crucial to find the one that is best suited for you and your marketing goals. One thing to keep in mind is that digital ads have more potential patients viewing them than traditional print ads do!

  • Digital Ads: You can use targeted online ads on sites like Facebook Marketplace or Google AdWords to attract more patients.
  • Print Ads: You can also distribute flyers and brochures with your contact information at community events, schools, doctor’s offices & more.
  • Website: Your website is a great way to advertise too! All of the content you publish should be geared towards attracting potential dental customers to your dental practice.
  • Social Media: You can also use social media to engage consumers, advertise, and promote your services! Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, for example.
  • Referral Program: Another great way to attract clients is by using a referral program that provides incentives for people who refer their friends & family members (like an in-office gift card or a free cleaning).
  • Email Marketing: You can also use email ads like newsletters & patient education emails, for example!

It can, but it’s less effective than digital marketing. Traditional ads are still a good idea if you’re targeting people in Denham Springs or Baton Rouge specifically, though – they just don’t reach as many potential customers! A lot of doctors find that traditional advertising isn’t enough anymore.

Traditional advertising is still a good strategy for reaching patients, but it has to be combined with digital marketing strategies like SEO, SEM, and social media.

The amount spent by dental practices varies from barely any at all to millions – but there’s no shortage of companies out there ready to give you what YOU need! Here are some approximations by dentist type:

The typical range is $750 to $10,000 per month, depending on the desired size and number of patients.

Dental practices – General

The typical range is $750 to $1900 per month, and on average spend $1230 per month per location. These types of practices tend to be focused on children and family dentistry.

Dental practices – Specialist

The typical range is $1300 to $3210 per month, and on average spend $2540 per month per location. These types of practices include Orthodontics, Endodontists, dental implant focus, Invisalign focus, etc.

Dental practices – Celebrity & cosmetic focus.

The typical range is $8300 to $18850 per month, and on average spend $9600 per month per location. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) improves a website’s organic visibility in search engines. SEO is an effective way to improve your online presence for keywords that are relevant to your practice.

Some examples may be “dentist near me,” “Denham Springs, LA Dentist Reviews,” or other terms related to your services, location, etc. 

It includes on-page SEO factors such as optimized title tags, meta descriptions, and H tags; content formatting for the targeted audience using headings, lists, and bold text; quality images with alt attributes, plus a lot more!

For those who want the perfect blend of traditional marketing methods combined with digital strategies like SEO, social media, and other online marketing strategies – we can help!

Email us today to get started on the path towards success.

Technical SEO helps a website by optimizing the “behind the scenes” technical aspects. A site that has undergone improvements in its Technical SEO might look visually indisputable from one that does not improve its own Technical SEO. Still, someone exploring it will see some differences and have a better user experience. Technical SEO will help you:

  • Eliminate dead links
  • Make a website mobile-friendly
  • Eliminates duplicate content
  • Implement structured data
  • Add an XML map
  • Make a site more crawlable by search engines
  • Improve overall URL structure to make it more user-friendly.

Off-page SEO is the process of increasing a website’s visibility and ranking

in search results by gaining backlinks from other websites. The more quality, relevant links a site has, the higher it will rank in Google’s index. Links can come from social media shares or links back to your blog posts. Some other backlink opportunities are:

  • Creating content for business blogs or article submissions that will rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Content marketing – creating valuable information like infographics, how-to articles, quizzes, etc., that ranks well with Google’s algorithm called “Google Panda.
  • Social Media Marketing – posting links to your site on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn groups you are a part of. Getting involved in discussions related to dentistry through hashtags such as #dentaltips #happydentistday can help you reach others who want the same thing!
  • Forums – dental forums are a great way to get involved in discussions about what you do for work with other like-minded people who have the same interests too.
  • YouTube videos: YouTube is an excellent site that allows you to share video content related to dentistry. It’s free and easy to use but has many benefits such as increased views, traffic, leads, etc.
  • Citations: Citations on directories and other sites create powerful backlinks back to your website and increase the authority of your domain.

If you’d like more information, call us today to start creating a plan tailored just for your needs and save you money.

On-page SEO is the process of improving a website’s organic visibility in search engines by optimizing on-site factors. Many things can be done to improve your site’s “on page” ranking, but one example includes:

Optimizing title tags with keywords relevant to your services.

On-Page SEO for websites is more than just improving the content of service pages. Your dental website likely has visuals in the form of pictures, graphs, videos, and other visual aids that should be considered when optimizing your overall on-page strategy.

A website’s most important asset is its content, and to fully enjoy the experience of browsing a site smoothly, you want that content to be optimized for speed. A picture on a website isn’t just there as decoration; it can convey information about what your business does or who your customers are. But it’s essential to make sure it loads quickly.

Or else they’ll cause delays when scrolling through pages or, worse, bouncing off to your competitor’s website.

Any videos should also be embedded into a site and hosted offsite to improve overall load speed.

Second, visuals need to have an alt-tag associated with them.

The Alt-Text is a powerful tool to use for web pages.

Content also needs to be arranged attractively, and H1, H2, and H3 headers are great tools for this type of organization. When it’s difficult or impossible to navigate through the site due to poor design choices on behalf of its creator(s), visitors will leave your website quickly because they cannot find what they’re looking for without frustration. This might hurt their rankings if you want them to be found by search engines.

On-Page SEO often works hand in hand with another dental marketing area discussed below: Content Marketing. Through both strategies, you can better connect your brand to prospective patients and encourage them to choose your practice over others.

Content marketing helps dental businesses in several ways. For instance, it provides an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and your practice to prospective patients who are online looking for information about dentistry. This includes anything from articles on dental health topics of interest (such as how brushing teeth affects your mouth) to social media posts highlighting different services offered.

A combination of SEO and content marketing can increase your site’s organic visibility in search engines, known as on-page SEO. When a web page has more content and the right keywords, it improves the site’s chances of being found organically by potential patients searching for dental services in their area.

Lastly, content marketing can provide a more enjoyable experience for your site’s visitors. It does this by providing helpful information about the services they offer or some of their staff members, as well as interesting facts about dentistry, in general, that might not be readily apparent without scrolling through pages and pages of text on the page (or clicking “next” a few hundred times.

The best type of content includes anything educational or informative that focuses on dental health. You can also have patient testimonials, success stories, and sharing the clinical insights from your practice to make a more personal connection with prospective patients in Denham Springs!

Content marketing is an integral part of any dental marketing strategy because it helps build expertise, authority, and trust, leading to those important conversations about prevention, education, and treatment.

If you need help developing that content marketing strategy- we can do that too! Please email us at to talk about the right fit for your practice and your budget.

Web Development is one of the most critical parts of any dental marketing strategy because it helps make sure your website looks professional and showcases all those excellent services you offer! We can craft a unique design for your brand that will help connect with visitors in Denham Springs. Additionally, our web developers are experts at developing websites and will help you update your website as needed with the latest content and information.

We’ll also develop a responsive design for any device so people can easily browse through your site on their desktop, laptop, or tablet to find what they’re looking for, no matter where in Denham Springs they are!

If you need help with your web design and SEO- we can do that too! Please email us at to start a conversation about the right fit for your practice and budget.

Page speed optimization helps your dental website in a couple of ways.

First, it improves the experience for visitors on your site by making sure that load times are as quick and seamless as possible (we’re talking about milliseconds here).

This means they won’t have to wait around while pages upload or content load, which can make them more inclined to bounce to your competition’s site.

Secondly, page speed optimization makes your website “mobile-friendly,” so it will load quickly on any device or browser, whether someone is visiting from a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone!

We can perform this service for you as part of an SEO package (or individually) to ensure your dental website is always up-to-date and optimized!

If you need help with your web design, SEO, or page speed optimization services for your dental website- we can do that too! 

Please email us at to start a conversation about the right fit for your practice and budget.

Highlighting the dental services you offer in your Denham Springs, Louisiana area is essential for SEO because it helps people find what they’re looking for easier.

Not all of us have time to research new dentists online–so when we go searching and see that one dentist offers a service we need or just really want- our interest can be piqued, and we’d like to learn more.

We can help with dental SEO! Email us at to start a conversation about the right fit for your practice and budget.

Keywords are essential for dental SEO because they help potential patients find your website.

When someone is looking online, a person will search using words or phrases related to their particular needs. So if you’re focusing on the keywords “Denham Springs, LA. dentist,” then you’ll show up on the first search results page when people in Denham Springs go searching.

We can help with your SEO! 

Drop us a line at seo@blaksheepcreative to start a conversation about dental SEO and what kind of keywords will be best for you.

And don’t forget- we offer web design, page speed optimization, responsive designs, and other services that will help you with your SEO strategy.

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