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Our Pay-Per-Click Advertising with Google AdWords is a proven method for attracting more visitors to your website.

our experienced and certified digital advertising specialists know how to manage your ads campaigns!

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We realize that But it can be very complex, and getting the best out of the platform requires much skill, experience and a significant time commitment.

By Following our proven PPC methodology, we professionally manage Pay-Per-Click Internet Advertising Campaigns with Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter.

Not sure about how pay per click advertising works.  Check out our article, “Pay Per Click Advertising Explained.”

How do we manage your PPC campaigns?

Our proprietary smart campaigns ensure that you get to the top of the results page and stay there by:

  • Conducting a thorough analysis of your business services.
  • Researching keywords and search terms applicable to your products or services.
  • Planning and developing comprehensive ad group structures with relevant keywords.
  • Creation of all ad text.
  • Ensuring proper keyword and copy landing page relevance.
  • Identify and implement appropriate bid strategy / calculating the maximum bid for ROI.
  • Creating landing pages for ad destinations guaranteed to keep click through rates at a  maximum.    
  • Tracking ad rank, search results, and return on investment via google analytics, and other proprietary mechanisms.

Any Google AdWords campaign is a continuous improvement process to constantly improve the ROI.

That’s why we plan, implement, and adjust, and repeat.

So how does our process work?

Before the first ad is launched, one of our specialists will study your website and research your industry, including general practices, your competition and your current Pay-Per-Click Strategy (if you have one) in order to get a sense of your goals and other factors that will contribute to moving your Pay-Per-Click approach forward.

Next, we will discuss your current account, industry, your knowledge, and many other factors in detail. We specialize in our business and you specialize in yours.

By combining our knowledge, we can create an effective and profitable Pay-Per-Click Strategy.

Our Account Managers work diligently to make sure your company is getting the results you desire.  Our job is to get help you dominate google search, both organically through solid SEO campaigns, as well as utilizing pay per click advertising.

If you have any questions, or want to learn what we can do for your small business, just complete our discovery form for your free consultation.

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