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Free up time for your ministry.

Affordable Church Graphic Design Services.

Our Church Graphics Help your ministry save time and look awesome at the same time!

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Look like a big church on a little church budget.

No more meh graphics! Get a graphic you LOVE every time. We will rest at nothing until you get the design that you love.

Design services.

Whatever it is that your ministry needs to support your activities, we can help. From sermon graphics, bumper videos, countdown videos, announcement slides, we got you covered!

Let us help you focus on ministry.

BlakSheep Creative can help you save over 50 hours of time back EVERY MONTH, Giving you time back for ministry. Focus on ministry, not graphics. Give more time to your staff. Have an extra long reading break. Play Golf!

We're always available!

Isn’t it aggravating when your pastor or media team makes a change Sunday at 9:00 AM for a service at 10:15 AM? Worry no more. We are usually just a phone call or email away and pride ourselves in the ability to come to your rescue. (Graphic Design only, We can’t physically fly and fix a burned out mixing board.) Just saying’

Free Up Your Creative Team With Design Services your ministry can afford.

It’s no secret that today’s culture is driven by media communication. While the message of the Gospel hasn’t changed, the methods we can go about doing so has. God created technology and art, we can help you leverage those gifts.

With our unlimited church graphic design, we can help you share the message of the Gospel via completely customized graphics that actually work.

Our design experts have served in every position possible at churches, so we know the high demands with little resources that ministry often has. Our professional graphic designers have been on staff, served as a volunteer, and played music for over 20+ years all over the globe.

Types of Graphic Design Services for your Church:

If you’re looking for a plain website from a template, then you’ve come to the wrong place.  All of our church websites are custom coded, specially designed, and built specifically for your needs and desires, using specialized programs and tools to achieve exactly what you want and need to support your brand and mission.

  • Announcement Slides
  • Sermon Graphics
  • Event Graphics
  • Church Branding
  • Social Media Posts (Social Media Management is available get in touch with us for a personalized quote.
  • Anything else you may need an awesome graphic for
  • Reach Members and Prospective Members alike with a sleek, functional website.
  • 97% of consumers search for local organizations online, make sure that it’s YOU that they find!
  • Every church needs an online platform where they are in complete control – and only a website can offer that assurance
  • How people perceive your church’s website is how many will perceive your entire church as a whole
    • Countdowns
    • Announcement Videos (you provide the footage)
    • Sermon Bumpers
    • Sermon Trailers
    • Sermon Intros
    • You Name It!
    Quite honestly, this alone makes our affordable design worth it. The average price of motion graphics is anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 for a 60 second video. Ridiculous right? Yeah, we agree. That’s why it’s our mission and our ministry to provide for your church design needs for a fraction of the price.

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