A Christmas Holiday video for a local church.

How we created a great church christmas holiday video:

The holidays are an ideal time for churches to express genuine appreciation and connect with people in a more personal way. Christmas is one of the most important events in a church’s story.  It’s when it all began, the day that Jesus was born.  What better way to advertise their mission and, in this case, their upcoming Christmas Service than a video?

This particular holiday video is chock full of Christmas imagery.  You can almost smell cinnamon as you watch it.  Plenty or reds and greens are immersed in beautiful bokeh overlays.

Lights twinkle throughout the entire holiday video and add a sense of nostalgia.

After fading in, the video fades out with a simple prominent text, “A Way Merry Christmas.”

This church used the video for a sermon bumper, as well as on social media posts to inform and provide anticipation for the upcoming Christmas Season.

Let’s create your holiday video now.

BlakSheep Creative is your go to agency to create sermon bumpers, introduction videos, and teaser videos for your church.

The Way Church Christmas Holiday Video

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