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More than just a media outlet.

RoadShaker Media’s mission is to entertain, inform, and educate members of the Motorcycle and Custom Automotive communities through video and written articles. They are a 100% digital online publication and not just a media company, but also an outlet to promote and publicize various charitable works and organizations.
This particular website is rich with functions.

Sporting exclusive member’s only areas, photo contests, video segments, news articles, and trivia, this media website is feature rich. While there are a lot of moving parts to this website, all of the various elements flow seamlessly from one to another.

A secret to creating a website that will engage visitors is to be interactive.

An interactive site means anything and everything from contests to displaying products in a way that encourages or even requires visitors to click on certain categories. By displaying products in an interactive way rather than just pictures, you are more likely to engage visitors.

Additionally, interactive quizzes can be a great way to engage visitors. One great example is Starbuck’s Find my Perfect Coffee quiz. The site doesn’t tell their visitors if you’re an Aries, you will like French roast. They make their visitors take a quiz and engage with the site.

Another great way to encourage interactivity is to post photos in such a way that visitors need to click on the photo to make it bigger and see it better. Then they can continue to click through pictures, viewing more content and being stimulated at the same time.

There are a few forms of interactivity we do not recommend. Many pop-ups may be considered interactive, but they end up turning customers off in the end. Additionally, while music adds to the site, it can turn off more viewers than it engages.

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