A 4th of July Flyer that screams ‘murica

Chris and the band wanted this flyer to celebrate freedom and promote their upcoming Independence Day concert.  We created this 4th of July flyer that was perfect for him to use to make sure the event was packed.

Let’s face it, fireworks are a first for any 4th of July graphic.  Seriously, the majority of them at   one of the leading graphic template websites, Poster My Wall have them in them.  This graphic was the perfect way to make sure they attended the right party, this one!

The elements we included to make this flyer scream, ‘murica were:
  • some Fireworks of course
  • an American Flag blowing in the wind
  • Chris Breaux and Six String Rodeo’s Image
  • Chris’ Breaux’s image (isolated via Adobe Photoshop)

All of these elements were neatly placed into a Western Scene to match the band’s music genre and feel.

The end result was the perfect Independence Day Flyer for the perfect party.

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