An album release video for Chubby Carrier, a Grammy Award Winning zydeco artist.


The Black Pot Tour

Having previously worked with Chubby on other projects, he came to us when she was in need of a promotional video for his upcoming tour. We used the same theme that we had used previously when designing his Black Pot Album Cover

For this music tour promo video, we let the music do the talking.  Chubby provided the background music, we just packaged it into an awesome video by adding:

  • Live Video Elements
  • Tour Dates
  • Information on the Release
  • Contact Info

The end result:  An awesome video that Chubby Carrier uses to promote his tour dates that we dare you to not tap your foot to.


Let’s Create Your Band’s Tour Promo Video Now!

BlakSheep Creative is your go to agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to create stunning videography for your band or brand. 

Chubby Carrier Black Pot Tour Video

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