A brunch event flyer for Grammy award winning Chubby Carrier

Not all good times happen late at night.

This brunch event graphic was created for one of Grammy award winning Chubby Carrier’s brunch events.

This show flyer was as easy as cooking breakfast.  Chubby typically sends us an image that he wants the graphic designed around.  Sometimes, the images have transparent backgrounds, often times we have to mask the edges or get creative.

In this instance, we isolated the background in Photoshop and then built this awesome event graphic.

Let’s Create Your Brunch Event Graphic Now!

BlakSheep Creative is your go to agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for all of your band or music group’s design needs.  From event flyers to electronic press kits, our design experts can give you all of the design elements you need to share your music to the world.

Chubby Carrier Abacus Brunch Event Graphic

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