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chubby carrier upcoming events graphic

Chubby Carrier Upcoming Events Graphic

This particular flyer showcases Chubby’s upcoming shows and was used as his facebook cover page to spread the word about your upcoming shows. We also created an upcoming video for his Black Pot tour.

Whether you. need a static image or a motion graphic tour video, we have you covered!

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chubby carrier halloween concert flyer

Chubby Carrier Halloween Concert Flyer

Halloween is always a reason for a party. This Halloween party / live event graphic blends Halloween elements and styling with an image of Chubby Carrier playing his trademark Baffetti accordion.

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chubby carrier rock n bowl event flyer

Chubby Carrier Rock n Bowl de Lafayette Show Flyer

Chubby asked us to create something fun and lively for his upcoming show at the Rock N Bowl de Lafayette. We started with an awesome live photo of him taken by a professional photographer and build on it. The result is a bold and vibrant event flyer perfect for his Paw-Tay!

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chubby carrier abacus brunch flyer

Chubby Carrier Abacus Brunch Flyer

This show flyer was as easy as cooking breakfast. Chubby typically sends us an image that he wants the graphic designed around. Sometimes, the images have transparent backgrounds, often times we have to mask the edges or get creative.

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