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chubby carrier feed n seed event graphic 1

Chubby Carrier Feed n Seed Event Flyer

This was for Chubby’s Valentines Day paw-tay (as he says,) at Feed N’ Seed, a venue in Lafayette, Louisiana. Get down, make love, and zydeco music!

chubby carrier 30 year anniversary graphic 1

Chubby Carrier 30 Year Anniversary Graphic

Chubby Carrier has been performing his unique brand of Zydeco music live for 30+ years. We were honored he approached us to create a graphic to celebrate the anniversary.

chubby carrier mothers day event flyer 1

Chubby Carrier Mother's Day Party Flyer

This event flyer was perfect for Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band to showcase their Mothers’ Day Event. If you're going to celebrate your mom, you have to have an awesome flyer.

chubby carrierd landscape oriented flyer 1

Chubby Carrier Landscape Oriented Flyer

This flyer was a little different, in that we put it in a landscape orientation to mix things up a little. Because it is landscape oriented it made for the perfect facebook cover photo.

chubby carrier halloween concert flyer

Chubby Carrier Halloween Concert Flyer

Halloween is always a reason for a party. This Halloween party / live event graphic blends Halloween elements and styling with an image of Chubby Carrier playing his trademark Baffetti accordion.

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